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Schnapps Glasses are back!


Schnapps – the pocket version of the Ritzenhoff collection for lovers of high-proof drinks or the collector who already has everything. Schnapps glasses hold approximately 1.3 ounces

The cool, little shot glasses are available in matching decors to many favorite beer glasses. Thus, each short is guaranteed to be a long enjoyment. 

• Design Shot Glass - the perfect counterpart to the iconic beer glasses 
• Including 5 to match the glass decorated schnapps cover (coaster) 
• Decorated with unusual motifs international and renowned designers 
• Ritzenhoff brand quality 
• Ideal for design lovers gatherer 
• Delivered in an exclusive gift box 
• Dishwasher 

• height: 11.1 cm 
• diameter: 3.8 cm 
• contents: 40 ml 
• shot cap diameter: 5 cm